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  • RCA proudly welcomes Mallory O'Connor to the firm as an associate attorney. Be sure to check our her bio under attorney profiles. We know she will be a tremendous asset to our family law team.

  • Bryan V. Reed was the guest speaker for the monthly meeting of UFEC (Union des Français de l'Étranger section Chicago) and gave a presentation entitled: "Planning for the future; dealing with the past. Advice from a family law attorney on making the best of international relationships."

  • Bryan V. Reed was a guest speaker at the May 14 Chicago Bar Association committee meeting for International and Foreign Law. He spoke on international marriage and divorce issues before in person attendees as well as a web cast audience.

  • Tania Harvey’s name will be featured in a special section called The Top Women Attorneys in Illinois in the October 2013 issue of Chicago magazine. The Top Women Attorneys in Illinois will include the list of women selected to the 2013 Illinois Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists. Congratulations Tania!

  • Bryan V. Reed successfully defended a father wrongfully arrested and accused of spousal and child abuse in a day long trial that resulted in the dismissal of criminal charges against him and the denial of an order of protection.

  • The Supreme Court of Illinois has let stand the Appellate Court decision successfully argued earlier this year by Bryan V. Reed involving the proper forum for an international divorce case.

  • For the first time in Illinois history, the Illinois Appellate Court has upheld a trial court's decision to dismiss a divorce case and send it to another country (France) on the basis of forum non-conveniens. Bryan V. Reed delivered the oral argument before the Appellate Court that resulted in this legal holding and twenty-four page written opinion.

  • Bryan V. Reed argued an international divorce issue before the Illinois Appellate Court. The Court’s decision remains pending.

  • Bryan V. Reed launched his first web log (blog). Visit our site regularly for additional articles coming soon.

  • Bryan V. Reed and Tania Harvey successfully defended their client from a motion to vacate a divorce judgment premised on five counts of fraud. The motion had been litigated for nearly two and one-half years before RCA was hired. After approximately six months of being in the case, RCA filed a motion for summary judgment and prevailed after two days of oral arguments and presentation of volumes of exhibits.

  • In what is likely to become a landmark case, Bryan V. Reed successfully litigated Illinois’ first dismissal of a divorce case on the basis that a foreign country (France) is a more proper forum for the parties’ divorce.

  • Nicole Centracchio successfully effectuated the resolution and settlement of a highly contested divorce including complex religious custody issues between parties of different faiths (Judaism and Christianity). Her client will retain sole decision making authority in the religious upbringing of their three children.

  • Bryan V. Reed published his first in a series of bi-weekly family law articles in the newspaper "Hi India."

  • Reed, Centracchio & Associates, LLC co-hosted a Financial Fitness Seminar with Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network.

  • Bryan V. Reed successfully defeated a wife’s vigorous claim for spousal maintenance after twenty-seven years of marriage by establishing on a motion for summary judgment that the wife was co-habiting with a boyfriend.

  • Tania Gray won a contested, four day trial where custody was changed from joint to sole, in favor of her client.

  • Bryan V. Reed and Tania Gray finished a custody trial that lasted for three weeks where their client was awarded all rights sought in settlement prior to trial.

  • Bryan V. Reed won a two day trial on child support arrears, resulting in a substantial judgment for his client.

  • Tania Gray began teaching Family Law at John Marshall Law School as an adjunct professor.

  • Tania Gray was appointed to the court’s Child Representative List.

  • RCA welcomed French law student Olivier Laratte as an intern in the office

  • Tania Gray won a custody trial where her client, a father, was awarded sole custody of four children.

  • Nicole Centracchio successfully negotiated a contested Joint Parenting Agreement between a Muslim father (her client), and a Catholic mother, which allowed the parties to jointly parent their children and expose them to both faiths.

  • RCA proudly announes that Rachel L. Hempel has joined the firm as an associate attorney, adding another nine years of exclusive family law litigation and solid reputation to our legal team.

  • Nicole Centracchio won a judgment for her client for more than $20,000.00 in unpaid child support sixteen years after the child emancipated.

  • Tania Gray won temporary custody and support for a father of 4 children.

  • Tania Gray won custody for a father and the right of the father to move the child to Florida, after successfully establishing that the mother’s new husband was physically abusing the child.

  • Bryan V. Reed successfully terminated a father’s visitation where the child testified to a pattern of emotional abuse by her father.

  • Bryan V. Reed won a child custody trial for a father that resulted in a transfer of custody from mother to father after successfully demonstrating that mother’s boyfriend posed a danger to the minor child.

  • Bryan V. Reed and Tania Gray successfully protected a mother from a father’s two year long attack on her child custody rights.

  • Tania Gray took home first place in her age group in the competition of Chicago’s Fittest Lawyer.

  • Bryan V. Reed recovered over $16,000.00 in child related support for a mother who had not received money in more than four years.

  • Bryan V. Reed was the featured speaker at a Chicago seminar entitled, “The Cost of Staying Married.”

  • Bryan V. Reed successfully tried a child custody case and transferred child custody from a mother to a father.

  • Nicole Centracchio was a guest speaker at the Chicago Bar Association continuing legal education program regarding successful case management issues.

  • Nicole Centracchio was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the presiding judge of the domestic relations division for her volunteer work.

  • Bryan V. Reed was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court during a Washington, D.C. swearing in ceremony conducted by Chief Justice John Roberts.

  • Nicole Centracchio secured a judgment in the amount of $42,000.00 for a client who had not received child support in over ten years.

  • Bryan V. Reed successfully persuaded an Illinois court to cede jurisdiction to California courts in a contested child visitation matter.

  • Bryan V. Reed won after trial a judgment in favor of his client for child support arrears in the amount of $60,000.

  • Nicole Centracchio joined the Women’s Bar Association.

  • Bryan V. Reed won a vigorously contested day long trial at which time he was awarded the full relief his client asked for, plus attorney fees.

  • Bryan V. Reed successfully defended a father from contempt charges and adjusted child support to a fair amount after two days of trial.

  • Tania Gray began teaching as an adjunct professor at John Marshall Law School. Her most recent class was entitled, “Family Law Legal Drafting.” As part of the class, Ms. Gray teaches students the art of drafting effective court pleadings.

  • Nicole Centracchio was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from Chief Judge Moshe Jacobius for her participation in the court facilitator program.

  • Bryan V. Reed completed an expedition and climbed to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro (the world’s tallest free-standing mountain). Mr. Reed employed the same determination he uses in every client case to help him make it to the top of Africa. Mr. Reed believes that physical and mental stamina are essential ingredients inside and outside the courtroom.

  • Bryan V. Reed, Nicole Centracchio, and Sophia Hernandez ran the 8k Shamrock Shuffle as part of RCA’s office fitness program.

  • Tania Gray was quoted in the March, 2008 edition of the Chicago Bar Association Journal concerning her views on divorce practice.

  • Nicole Centracchio successfully completed the requirements for Certification in Divorce Mediation through Northwestern University in Chicago.

  • with hard hitting action in court, Bryan V. Reed prevailed upon a deadbeat dad “Wanted” for years by the State of Illinois child support agencies, leaving him no choice but to enter into an agreed order for child support arrears well in excess of $100,000.00 and consent to monthly payments.

  • Bryan V. Reed tried and won a hard fought child custody case for a devoted father, where the trial lasted for weeks. When Mr. Reed first took over the case after a well known father’s rights firm, his client had been awarded only two hour sessions of weekly, unsupervised visitation. Upon conclusion of the trial, the father was awarded sole custody. As always, preparation proved critical.

  • Nicole Centracchio appeared on CAN TV during a full taping of the Chicago Bar Association’s sponsored show on family law. The show aired on Channel #21 in January, 2008 and will be repeated numerous times throughout the year. As part of the program, Ms. Centracchio took viewer calls and gave advice that showcased her quick thinking and practical approach to everyday legal problems.