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Using the Hague Convention process, Reed, Centracchio & Associates, LLC can provide the legal help you need when involved in an international child custody dispute or child abduction case. The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is a multilateral treaty among member nations that oversees such cases. It provides a process designed to return a child to their country of residence after being wrongfully removed or retained in another country in violation of established custody orders. 

Our attorneys stand ready to provide international family law assistance to those in need. They bring an exceptional background of international language, culture, and legal experience that can be used in Hague Convention cases and the in the complicated process of filing a Hague petition. If you need legal representation (as a U.S. citizen or foreign national) to resolve your international custody matter, we can assist you.

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About the Hague Convention

Child custody matters can become extremely contentious, even after custody orders have been issued by the courts. In some cases, a disgruntled parent may decide to flee the geographical area of residence during or after a custody case. If moving a child to another state, the matter still remains under the authority of U.S law. However, if a parent moves a child to a foreign country, it makes it more difficult for the other parent to retain their parental rights. If the child is removed to a foreign country that is a member of the Hague Convention, it can provide a path for the authorized return of the child to their “habitual residence” country. 

The Hague Convention applies under the following circumstances: 

  • The child has been removed from the country of their habitual residence in violation of an existing custody order or has been retained there;
  • The child is under the age of 16; and
  • Both countries involved are member nations of the Hague Convention treaty. 

The actual custody dispute involved in any Hague Convention case is not a matter to be decided under the treaty. The purpose of the Hague Convention is to return the child as quickly as possible to where the child habitually resides so the dispute can be resolved in court there. 

It is presumed that nations that have signed the Hague Convention treaty will abide by treaty provisions. However, this is not guaranteed. In some cases, nations have not done so in a consistent fashion. This conduct results in a complex legal matter that violates the rights of the parent who has been left behind and involves the legal systems of the U.S. and the other country. 

If you are facing a child custody or child abduction matter, it is essential that you have the sophisticated and diligent representation needed to address it. Our firm provides focused and tenacious legal help in fighting for your parental rights in such matters. 

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